The “Life Journal” project

Caring Communities

An Opportunity to Create Meaningful Intergenerational Connections

At Faubourg du Mascaret, we are committed to supporting intergenerational opportunities. We believe they are essential to educating various generations about seniors so they appreciate the knowledge, experience and wisdom they bring to our communities. We also understand that a person’s sense of community and commitment is an extremely important part of their life. We want residents at Faubourg du Mascaret to continue to enjoy it.

In addition, significant research shows that intergenerational activities can help prevent a decline in seniors’ physical and cognitive well-being. The socialization of seniors is one of the many benefits of these activities. When they engage with younger people, they reverse ageism and expose younger generations to positive stories about their long and dynamic lives. These meaningful connections within our communities create enriching experiences for our residents, their families and our team members. After experiencing a rich relationship with a senior, young people are more likely to collaborate with them and advocate for seniors in their personal lives.

Faubourg du Mascaret, located on the Moncton campus of Moncton University, allows its residents to live in a residential complex that values community activities and the development of its residents while promoting partnerships with the training programs offered on the Moncton University campus.

These intergenerational opportunities promote social-emotional development. They also help build and strengthen a culture where people of all ages are welcomed and supported, helping a friendly community become truly integrated.

The “Life Journal” project was born of a pilot project to create links between students at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick and residents of the Faubourg du Mascaret. Based on Mon journal de grand-mère: Un album-souvenir pour mes petits-enfants and linked to the Learning through Community Service course, this project helped students develop healthy attitudes towards seniors, a sense of social responsibility and other skills.

During the “Life Journal” project, students from the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick established a trusting relationship with Faubourg du Mascaret residents to create a life journal for them.

After a year of meetings, calls and exchanges, the students presented each resident participating in the project with a precious personalized life journal during a private reception. What a great gift for them and their families!

We offer special thanks to the students of the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick for their commitment to this important project.

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